Manufactured vs Stick Built

Comparing manufactured homes construction to traditional construction.
ask the expert, compare manufactured homes vs traditional homes.

Brian Temple is the manufacturing homes expert on our Ask the Expert video series. In this video, Brian compares the building qualities of a manufactured home with that of a traditional, on-site, stick built home.

Ask the Expert VIDEO

As Brian states in the video, there are many differences between manufactured homes and on-site, stick built homes. But in terms of the comparison of the quality of the construction, manufactured homes surpass many on-site built homes for these four reasons:

  1. Building Materials are Protected. Manufactured homes are built in a climate controlled environment which protects the materials from the weather and things like mold.
  2. Additional Structural Stability. Our manufactured home frames are constructed with screws rather than nails – which provides additional structural stability.
  3. FED Gov. Standards. All our manufactured homes meet strict Federal Government requirements and are certified by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  4. Secure and Safe Concrete Foundation. Our manufactured homes are secured to the concrete foundation with steel anchors and straps to ensure your family’s safety.


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